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My lame attempt at lots of replies contest!


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The winner of this contest will receive a Donkey Kong Jr cartridge. The rules are simple.

1. You have 24 hours from the date of this post to post a reply

2. After you post your reply you have up to another 24hrs to post another reply

3. If you post or dont post after 24 hours of this post you lose the contest

4. If you post or dont post 24 hours after your last post you lose the contest.

5. The last poster standing is the winner the contest.


I will of course also pay for shipping and handling just pm me with your adress after the contest and I will mail it to you.

thats all there is to the contest so good luck to anyone who enters :D

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The rules are poorly written. I ssume they can now be summed up as: If you haven't posted within 24 hours of your last post, you're out. If you haven't posted at all by now you were never in, but you're definately out.


Therefore this post gives me another 24 hours to make another post.

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