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Rastan in need of repair


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I went to a thrift store that had a Rastan for $50. The guy there told me that the former owner said that it's motherboard was good, but there was some kind of bad monitor connection or something. I'm just wondering - do you think it would be worth my time? I always liked the game, but I don't have hardly any experience with repairing electronics.


So, how difficult is it, restoring old arcade games? I know a lot of you have a lot of experience under your belts. Any advice?

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Maybe turn it into a MAME cabinet or something. I hate to destroy the old arcade game, though. I'd much rather get it working again. But I don't know what's really wrong with it. Plus, I doubt I could fit the machine in the back seat of my Neon, either. I'm going to have to arrange some kind of deal with someone who owns a truck.


But back to the question. How difficult is repairing an arcade game for a newbie?

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Depends on what you are repairing decides the difficulty. Monitors can be rebuilt to a degree or refreshed and you could do it yourselfif you are willing to take the time. For the most part, you need a multimeter to analyze any problem. A few simple tests and a few minutes of your time and you can usually narrow down the ailiment. Truthfully, unless the board is rare, expensive, or has sentimental value to you, it would be far easier to replace it in alot of cases. That is unless, you wanna have the knowledge and take the time to teach yourself. Worst case ya need to but a monitor say, that'll set ya back a few hundred and that would be the most major expense. I'd say jump om it. Cassidy Nolan is the man at repairing this stuff so if ya get it, I'd say post the problems here as I am sure he can help.

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I think I might just have to get it. I called my brother tonight and mentioned the game, and he offered to help me try to fix it. He and I should have the equipment to fix it, because we have our father's tools and gear (he used to be an avionics engineer). And my brother has a pickup truck to move the thing.


Here's another question: should it be moved standing up or flat?

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It sounds like either a bad monitor or a bad cable. But heck, it may also be a bust power supply or even a broken Color Prom (the babies that actually turn bits into colors)


But it sounds like an easy fix, one way or the other. Just be calm while working on it and try to obtain the schematics for the game.

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Watch out -- if it is a bad monitor, you're looking at a $200+ repair  :|  


It makes that $50.00 Rastan worth $250.00+ suddenly, and you might be better off trying to purchase something at auction.

Nope, just get a second hand working monitor, or if it's only a blown transistor or capacitor, it just might be an easy fix. Unless Rastan is a Vector game...
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Chances are it has an Electrohome G07 or Wells-Gardner 4600 or 4900 series monitor that's seen better days, and needs a cap kit.


What is a cap kit? It's a package of new capacitors that replace the old ones on a monitor chassis. This generally solves a lot of problems with older monitors, although in the G07's case, I'd just go for a whole rebuild kit (around $35 last I remember) and replace the flyback, regulator, and the capacitors.


If it turns out to be the game PCB, you can find another Rastan (or another horizontal game with similar controls.. it's a JAMMA if I'm not mistaken) fairly cheap on eBay.


I'm not sure that there's a dedicated Rastan cabinet. Chances are, it's probably an old game converted to Rastan.


Everything you need to know about recapping a monitor can be found at this URL: http://www.alsarcade.com/capkit.htm


Good luck. $50 is a good price for that particular game.



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