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How Many Versions of "Space Robot" are there?

Jeffy Arensmeyer

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I've just found you guys, so hopefully I'll be hangin' around some.


The reason I started this topic is because I've got a few questions about the cartridge Space Robot.


I recently won this one...


Ebay Space Robot #1


But I found this one shortly after...


Ebay Space Robot #2


Neither is listed on the rarity guide, so I thought I would post here in hopes of an answer.


  • What's the difference between the two cartridges?

  • Why are the labels different if they are the same game?

  • Is one more rare than the other or are they about the same?

  • Is $11 total too much to pay for the first one?

  • Is the second one worth bidding on too?


Thanx for your help.




...ubb code...my enemy...


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Welcome Jeffy,


We don't have many PAL games in the Rarity Guide....yet. We're working on a few other things first before we open the floodgates on the thousands of PAL listings.


As for your questions:


[*]Different companies, possibly different games entirely

[*]Many games were released multiple times by different companies. Many of these were also black market games, and the companies slapped whatever label they could on whatever game they had. Chances are these are the same game though.

[*]Don't know about that, but I would guess the Rainbow Vision cart is more rare. Just a guess though.

[*]That's entirely up to you. Bad answer, I know.

[*]See above.

If you want to get both for the sake of completion - good luck! There are literally thousands of PAL titles out there and you will never get them all. Someone recently showed a picture of their Frogger collection that had something like 13 cartridges from different companies. And that's just ONE title. Currently our list focuses on NTSC and "marquee" PAL games, but we'll be adding more PAL in the future.

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Hi Jeffy,


Nice acquisitions, both of them!


The first one is probably by a company called Dimax. This one is really hard to identify though. The only way to do it with 100% certainty is by the box. The box should have a little sticker that says "Dimax". The label or manual do *not* credit any manufacturer. However, I've also found a copy of this game in a box without the Dimax sticker. This could mean that either the sticker was lost, or that some unknown Taiwanese company made an identical copy...


The second copy that you refer to is by the German company Hot Shot. This company in fact is the same as Goliath under another label, producing cheaper games that came in generic boxes.


Hope this helps.





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