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Baseball with a Mattel type Cartridge


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I couldn't find Baseball listed that came on a Mattel type cart. The cart has a raised bar near base, but no mention of Mattel... The label is white with black lettering, and just says



@I.I. 1982 Korea


Not sure if it is really a Mattel, but it is the same cartridge style. Only mention of baseball as a title I could find are some sears cart's.

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The white labeled carts were released by INTV after they took over the Intellivison from Mattel. It's an M-Network cart, just with a different label (INTV always used white labels).


When INTV took over they didn't want to renew the expensive sports licenses that Mattel had so they changed the names to just Football and Baseball. Just a cost saving measure.



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Today i found three games in the thirft store... International Soccer (M Network), Super Challenge Football, and Super Challenge Baseball (Matel)


This lastone wasen't working, so I tried to open the cartrige to clean the contacts... nothing, then I tried in the other way around, and looks like the rom in the cartrige was backwards, could it be posible?


I feel sorry for the cartrige, i have to destroy it in order to open it up, but the label stills good, so I might try to get the rom into a common card, like pacman or something.



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Thanks Tempest, I figured it was something like that. I bought it from a dealer for pitance, and am sure they would know if they had something rare, so I was perplexed when I couldn't find it listed.

As a side, I was looking at your label variation list, and didn't see anything about space invaders with red text main label, but with a pinkish lettered end label with gold border and redish-brown inner background, with a white line between the border and the inner background.. Any ideas?

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I'll see what I can do about scanning, but let me see if I can explain it more clearly..


First, take a look at the cart scan (on this site) for the space invaders which says label: text, company: atari...

The main label is the same.

The end label has the same style, just different colors. The letters are a light pink color. The silver/white line is the same that goes around the end label. The background has two colors, one inside the white line, and one outside. The one inside is a copper color, and the one outside is gold... There is no black at all. The lettering is small letters, with the asterick.

It may take me awhile to get a scan online (sorry, don't have the right equipment)... but I will do what I can. Hope this makes it a tad bit clearer.


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