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REranking may be in order


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very true and gashog may be demoted not on just price but also so many out there, and with shuttle orbiter just the lack of it in the market. i see a ratio of like 5 :1 or 7:1 if not more swordquest waterworlds to shuttle orbiters. thanks for looking into this matter i will copy and paste it on your rarity list site


i would say Gas Hog should be a 6 or a 7 due to its constant selling on ebay while a game like Shuttle Orbiter is just so rare to see even on ebay i see like 5 or 7 or even more games like swordquest waterworld compared to Shuttle Orbiter .


sound off on what you think roomies

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Originally posted by StanJr:

Perhaps the actual definition of what makes a game rare is what is being called into question. Does mere number of copies determine rarity, or is it available copies? Is it the visibility of games? Perhaps we need to re-evaluate what Rare means?


A good question. Traditionally, the rarity guide has reflected existence, not strict availability. And it's never been local - in other words, all those Oshea's games are considered common, even though you might not have ever seen them at the local flea market. Theoretically that could be a problem if one person owned all copies of a particular game. Would it be rare just because nobody can get it? In a strict definition, no. It might be "unavailable", but not rare.


The bottom line is that it's a subjective process. The more people comment on specific game rarities, the more accurate the list might become.

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Other things too, like quality may be called into question. Is a "mint in sealed box" Pitfall II more rare than one that has been played and has normal wear and tear?

It is very subjective and can really vary from person to person. You'd almost have to create it from a collector only standpoint (like comics, my Amazing Spider-man #64 may be in rough shape, but to me its priceless).


Sentimental Stan

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I truely understand that idea of how said wiht comics some u see as priceless. i think we need to rate rarity by How Many Were made. thats teh best way to do it. now the amount given that you can find and buy should play a factor i could own lets say 5,000 carts of lets say music machine. granted its rated a 10 . but if i got 5000 i can flood the market and all of the sudden that rarity woudl go down. at the same time i can get 5 or 6 million combat carts build a below ground bomb shelter give it 5 or 10 years for people's combat carts to die. and all there wouldnt be any left in the market place. should this mean this rarity of 1 ( some people feel 0 ) should now jump to a 5 or 6 or maybe a 7, just because i have 6 million in my basement or burried in a metal tank in the backyard. I feel no we should look into how many made and got out to the people and then rate the games.


Now Alex if we did a hugh rarity guide like some people talked about in some posts, would you also start rating boxes and manuals as well?? and start on that from a 1-10 scare if we made a really big rarity guide?

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