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Over in Europe CBS released the ColecoVision and games. ColecoVision games do not come in NTSC/PAL versions, so all ColecoVisions carts will work in all ColecoVision systems. With the Coleco, PAL/NTSC is defined by the console, not the games.


I have quite a few CBS ColecoVision games in my collection, but not a Donkey Kong Jr. yet. I don't know how rare it is, but all the CBS titles were sold outside the US so they're a bit more difficult to get here.



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Originally posted by Nateo:

Cool! Thanks Albert! Now I have something remotely rare!

So whaddya think? Maybe a 5 on the rarity scale?


Sorry, but I don't think it's that rare. I had one of these as a kid, and I see them once and a while around town. I'm not sure why they are in Canada, since Coleco has a lot of their own cartridges here too, but oh well. At most, it's about as rare as a Zellers Atari game I'd expect (Maybe a 4)



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