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5200 label variation


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I'm not sure if a label variation of this type is important but I have two Football games from the 5200, one with "Realsports Football" (1983 version) on the label and the other with just "Football" (1982 version) on the label.


I noticed the label in the guide says it's Silver 1 - "Football" so I thought maybe it was worth mentioning. I guess the box and instructions probably have the variations as well as I have a box with just "Football" and the box in the guide has "Realsports Football".


Lastly, I'd like to get a scan of the Football playbook. Will they be posted if they are submitted by someone?



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The original name of the game was Football, but they changed it to RS Football to match their Realsports line of games they had on the 2600. Soccer exists with both variations as well (Soccer, RS Soccer) and actually has two different pictures. RS Baseball only exists as a RS title but the game title screen only says Baseball (obviously a quickie conversion). I have two 5200 RS Baseball protos, and neither of them say RS on them.


Generally the earlier versions (without the RS text) are harder to find.



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