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Artificial Lifeform #1 (AL) --BIN--


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You control the first Artificial Lifeform created by Dr.Zaues, designation AL#1(Artificial Lifeform #1). Better known to his friends as Albert or just Al.


Albert helped Dr.Zaues create the second Artificial Lifeform known as AL#1-CE(Artificial Lifeform #1-Combat Edition). Or as Al liked to call her, Alice.


Alice turned out to be a mild mannered lifeform that cherished all life, much to the delight of Albert, and it sent Dr.Zaues into a rage!!




Dr.Zaues locked himself into his laboratory and experimented day and night trying to create his war robots.


Finally he succeeded in perfecting a War Robot. It was'nt as smart as Albert or Alice, but it would do.

Having succeeded in the creation of his War Robot, Dr.Zaues starts an assembly line to mass produce them. Seems that Dr.Zaues wants to take over the World.


And that brings us back to Albert and Alice. With the assembly line working at full speed making War Robots, Dr.Zaues is running low on materials.




Dr.Zaues decides to recycle Alice into spare parts!!


You must avoid the War Robots and save Alice. Dr.Zaues is not a threat and will run from you if you get close to him.


Avoid the robots,(You are smarter then they are),and save Alice!!!




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