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Romox ECPC list


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I was perusing the Romox catalog that "Mario's Other Brother" so kindly linked to in the first post in this thread, and came across a couple interesting 2600 titles I was hoping someone could shed some light on...


1) Gopher Attack: ©1982 by Vidtec. Could this be "Gopher," or is it a completely different animal (sorry for the pun, I couldn't resist.)


2) Guardians of the Treasure: © 1982 by Vidtec. I don't know what this could be. It doesn't seem to match any of the standard Vidtec / US Games 2600 releases. Is this a "new" game?


I didn't realize how extensive the Romox catalog really was. It weighs in at an impressive 49 titles!


So... any thoughts?

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I don't know anything about the Atari 8-Bit machines, so I can't help you too much on this one. I can guess that it's probably either an error in the transcription of the catalog, or is listed in a "lost" Romox catalog somewhere. I doubt it is anything special - beyond just being a Romox cart.

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tempest you have nay catalogs for 2600,8 bit ( more 8 bit ) with all the cart titles? can you photo copy it or scan them for me. id love to own a copy to make reference to my game ( i still got no answers to my game) as to when was made by who where was it a regualr release by romox or what. ( dumb thing can it be a ROMOX proto for as testing the new chips or case or 8 bit romox with this title and then made others and left this in the dust? i know they left it somewhere

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I know you've been chomping at the bit over information regarding your 8-Bit Romox Mogul Maniac for a while now without really getting any insight about it, but have you tried contacting William Gatskill yet? (He's the guy who hosts that Romox Catalog web page.) Maybe he'd have an answer...


I found his email on his website for you even: timeline@99er.net

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Mr Gaskill's list is from the only known Romox catalog. Romox only existed for about 2 years. The ECPC system was around for even less time. One might even question if all the games in the catalog made to market.

I only collect 8-bit stuff and most of the ECPC titles are available in some form, but others would indeed be interesting to find.

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