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Jaguar Rarity Guide back to older version?


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I noticed that the Jaguar Rarity Guide seems to be back to an older version. Specifically, the following information that was there is now missing.


1. The Primal Rage box scan. The actual page is there if you go to it with a direct link, but you can't get to it from the guide. The icon is grey and when the mouse pointer hovers over it, it says box scan not available.


2. The Tempest 2000 Soundtrack CD insert and jewel case scans are the same as number 1. Actual pages are there, but no links in the guide.


3. The change on the media type from CD-ROM to Audio CD on the T2K soundtrack.


4. The change on the media type from CD-ROM to cartridge on Air Cars.


5. All the years of release from Jeff's Jaguar Jungle


That seems to be all of the missing information that I see. Although, I would like to point out a few more things.


6. The year of release for the T2K soundtrack, Myst demo, and the Memory Track is 1995, according to Atari Explorer Online. More detailed information on this is available in the Jaguar Section Now Online! post.


7. The Rarity Guide lists Val D'Issere when it should be Val d'Isere.


8. I'm not sure, but I thought that the Jaguar version of Doom was just Doom, not Doom: Evil Unleashed.


I also wanted to mention that I did clear my cache and check all of this out right before I posted this.



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Thanks for letting us know about this. I've restored all the changes I made, plus I made the additional changes you pointed out. Not only was Val d'Isere spelled incorrectly, but so was "Snowboarding". Ugh! And I don't know where exactly I got "Doom: Evil Unleased" from, but it's not on the box, cartridge or manual so I changed it to just "Doom". I also entered the year information for the Memory Cart, Myst Demo and Tempest 2K Soundtrack.


Thanks again!



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