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Jaguar rarities


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While looking through the Jaguar games, I really think there's too many 1's in there. I think at the very least, Atari Karts and Attack Of The Mutant Penguins should be slightly higher than a 1 (No, I'm not just trying to drive up the price of my cartridges ), and possibly other games should be slightly higher too.


Similarly, I have my doubts about the rarity of the Readysoft titles listed... Dragon's Lair is not hard to come by at all (More common than AMP at least). I see it all over the place... I trip over it in the streets... okay, well, it's not that common, but still.




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Hi Ze_ro,


Yeah, we're going to have to adjust the Jaguar rarities. The Jaguar is a difficult system to assign rarity to since it's not that old. Most of those games are set at 1 because you can still buy them new from various places on the net. They may not be cheap, but you can get them relatively easily. This is one of the ways I was able to quickly build up my Jaguar collection.


We actually started a thread about this recently that went largely unnoticed:


How to determine Jaguar rarity?


It all comes down to "What does rarity actually represent?" If it means availability of games, then most of the rarities are probably reasonable (with some exceptions, certainly). But if Rarity means the likelihood of you running into this game at a flea market, garage sale or thrift store, then nearly all of them will need to be adjusted upwards (certainly most of the titles at 1). I don't know if I've *ever* seen Jaguar stuff in the wild, so judging by that everything would have to be ranked quite high.



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Thanks for your comments. This was something Albert and I discussed before launching the Jaguar rarity guide, read this thread for more about whay we did it this way.


FWIW, I do have another more traditional rarity guide for the Jaguar that I've based primarily on Ebay trackings I've made for some time now.


In its current form, it's more of an Internet rarity guide (the titles you mentioned are readily available), rather than a "real world" guide.


What do you think, should we disregard online retailers? We didn't get much response to this before, anyone else care to comment?

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Sure, I'll comment.


Actually, I've read through the thread Albert linked to and I agree with a lot of what The Helper mentioned. Basically, I think that how often a game shows up on eBay and availability from online retailers should determine rarity. If a game is only available from Telegames, I'd still consider it kind of rare. I also think price should have at least a little say in the rarity. BattleSphere is a rare game, but if I wanted to pay $200+, I could probably get the game pretty quick. Ultimately, I think most Jaguar games would be in the 1 to 3 range. Oh well, I hope this made a little sense.


Anyway, a little off topic, is Atari Karts and Alien vs. Predator becoming rarer? I noticed that Telegames no longer sells the games separately anymore.

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