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Atari 2600 Pirate cards


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Everytime I visit this site, I'm amazed about how much information is available about Atari, and especially the 2600 !


I recently bought some 26000 cards, that donnot exist in the rarity guide. Probably, because they are pirate cards. One of the game's name is Emdurl (game Enduro). How can I figure out the rarity of such a card. Or does the rarity of the original game is representative for the pirat ? Are their pirate card web sites ? (Collector's who focus on pirate cards)


Thanks for replying...

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Hey san-d... are't you in the Netherlands too?


Anyhow, since I see you are in the Netherlands yourself, the carts you have are more than likely PAL format -- which AtariAge doesn't cover. I know that a few of the people on this board are pretty heavily into Pirates, so maybe they can help.


OPtherwise, I'd try looking at the Basefile at Game Reset. That's one of the the best European 2600 information sites there are.

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