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Not In list: Sea Adventure by Hi-Score


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I think this is a pirate cart game. So is a Game know with a diffrent name. There are many games like this, and they are all not listed.

Many of them are PAL. This action is from australia, so this game is PAL too I think.


Maybe this is River Raid (I don't know, but the picture look a bit like this game)



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Originally posted by

[QB]Are pirate carts explicitly excluded from the list by choice, or are they simply something that the list managers haven't had time to get 'round to yet?[QB]


We have now begun the effort to add foreign titles to our database. Last night we added over 400 foreign titles to the database and this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can read our announcement about this effort over here. We want to put together as accurate a list as possible so we're soliciting help from collectors (especially those in foreign countries!) to get their input.


We're not yet labeling individual games as "pirate", but that'll come in due time.



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