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Rarity of "Extras"


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Recently I posted a Space Huttle by Activision on an auction site that was complete in the box. I am hoping to see a rarity guide or at least some kind of listing that can verify the contents of game "extras" in classic games. In Space Shuttle, there is a "control panal" overlay for the 6-switch 2600 as well as a flight chart. These items are in addition to the manual and box. In the Star Trek SOS game, there is a special overlay for the 2600 joystick (totally unecessary to play the game, but fun)! Any thoughts on adding this catagory to the rarity chart or any suggestions on finding more info. on the topic would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Mike!


You bring up a good point, there are a lot of games that have something extra, whether it just be a registration or warranty card (pretty common) to the various comics that Atari included with many games. Masters of the Universe also included a comic. And several 2600 games included overlays. Our entries for Star Trek and Space Shuttle do have the overlays listed (along with scans of them), but that's about as far as we (presently) go in addition to the manual.


I think we can find a way to work in this additional information. Something along the lines of "Also included in box..." We'll soon have scans of the various 2600 comics online (very soon!) and those were going to be linked from the individual games anyway. Registration/Warranty cards are coming down the road. Overlays we already have, although we can make it more obvious for those titles that included them.


What we need to do is come up with a list of those games that included items beside the cart and manual. Some included catalogs (not sure if we should even list these, since this may have changed over time), registration cards, warranty cards, overlays, comics, anything else? E.T. included a "Tips for Getting E.T. Home Fast!" Starmaster included a second manual, "The Power of Starmaster". I'm sure there are many others out there that have unique items. Time to make a list!



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Don't forget the Omega Race booster grip, Track and Field controller, the Tron joystick (not sure if this came with every copy of the game) and the Sega joystick coupler for Spy Hunter. These controllers were special pack-ins with these specific games. Oh, Activision bridge also had 2 manuals. Oh, and Solar Fox had some bonus decal offer in it's box...



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this is the list i already had:


controller: exus foot craz, track&field, tron joystick, survival run/cosmic commander, spitfire attack/flight commander, mogul maniac/joyboard,omega race/booster, race&indy500/racing paddles, starraiders/touchpad


peripheral: compumate, pgp, vidco supercharger/phasor patrol, kidvid/smurfs, joystick coupler/spy hunter


overlay: star trek,space shuttle,basic programming,sesame street games


comics: DC1-5, swordquest, yar, centipede, he-man


t-shirt: mash


btw, the tron joystick came in a special package, bundled with both tron games...but the joystick did NOT come with every tron game.


there were lots of promotions. it would be interesting to make a list. atari had several $2 off coupons, activision: keystone $5000 bond, robot tank poster, decathlon game glove, apollo: must have had some offer for the spacechase initials special, CBS: gorf medal & wizard of wor medal, data age: video game club offer, imagic: defend atlantis, no escape free joystick, "can you solve the riddle of the sphinx?", solar storm free t-shirt, M Network: Free Decal, save $2.50, Parker Bros: "Win a Popeye arcade game", Starpath: explanation of name change, Telesys: "Get 'em while they're hot" fast food t-shirt, 20th century fox: some coupon book, TNT: BMX giveaway, VentureVision: rescue terra contest.


those are the only ones i can think of :roll: :roll:

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