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Mr. Do Hack- Digger


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LMFAO :lol: I think this hack has awesome potential! That sucks that he won't let you finish this one! I may give it a whirl. I am stuck on my own ideas as far as a pacman hack. I will read the threat and let you know (unless someone is already working on this). Cheers atleast you got the computer back!



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Do you want to post what you want changed? Even as Neo was stating. I am not sure exactly what was left to change. I did go to digger.com and it is a cool site. The hacked graphics so far look good in this one. The only difference I could tell is that you wanted to earth to appear orange in color. The only other suggestion I would say is that the word EXTRA uptop needs to be taken out. Just keep me posted.


Cheers 8)

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