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Saboteur Update


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I just wish we could see the roms of these.... :yawn:  it just doesn't seem too exciting without being able to experience what you see.[/i]


I would say it wil most likely get dumped before long.


Doesn't it take a development system to extract a rom from an assembled board?


Not in this case, you can just take the EPROM's out of the sockets and dump them with your EPROM programmer. ;)


I am willing to bet $$$ that he already dumped it anyway. Otherwise he would not have been able to take those emulator screenshots. :P

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I see, he's just holding out on us


Well yes and no. Yes I have dumped all the prototypes in my possession, and no I haven't given many of them out (except to some people who asked nicely and had a good reason for wanting a particular rom). I've released all the games I had that were previously unreleased (Mind Maze, 5200 Menu, Red vs. Blue, etc.), but have held back on releasing betas of released games.


To be honest, for the most part I don't think that people would be interested in them. I may go ga-ga over a Jungle Hunt proto that's missing the sound and only has two levels, but I doubt many other people would care. And when someone actually does care, they usually e-mail me and I usually give them the rom. So far only two or three people have e-mailed me for specific roms.


I don't put the roms on my webpage for fear of legal trouble (after that whole Planet of the Apes thing, I'm a bit weary of the legal system), and because I don't want people to start slapping beta images on eprom boards and start selling them for profit as genuine prototypes (ala Best Electronics). I guess there's also a bit of "I paid dearly for these protos, I want to hold onto them for a bit" as well, but that's certainly not the main driving factor. These reasons may sound silly or stupid, but that's the reason.


I still may put the roms up in the future. I have to talk to some people about it first. I generally like to get the programmers permission first before posting any rom (when possible of course).



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