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Help: Rampage World Tour


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I'm a bit new in these parts, so forgive me for jumping right in.


I picked up a Rampage World Tour machine today for $100 at a local auction. This is my 9th machine. On a scale of 1-10 I would put my knowledge at about 3, maybe 4. I haven't done any cap kits, but I've swapped out JAMMA boards and CP's, no problem. At the auction, I could tell the game was playing but there was no video. I figured it might just need a monitor. I went ahead and picked it up since it was so cheap, and the cabinet is in mint condition.


I got the machine home, plugged it in, and actually got video for about 15 minutes! Once the machine warmed up, the video cut back off.


I have three questions.


One, anyone know where to get a manual online for this game?


Two, anyone know where to begin looking for a problem? Does it sound like a PCB or a monitor problem? That leads us to ...


Three, anyone know how to open this #&(&*ing cabinet??? It's unlike any other I own. There is a piece of wood 18" tall and the whole width of the cabinet wide. I took off all those screws to reveal the back of the monitor. The top and the bottom of the cab are separated by wood. I removed all the top screws in the CP but was unable to remove it either. I have no idea where to go from there.


Thanks, and ... hello!

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1-E-Bay , video arcade game newsgroups

2-Are you still getting sound? Yes-Most likely a bad cap or circuit on the moniter. No-Bad board(highly unlikely) Any pic at all? Did you try a different board (if you have one)?

3-Is it dedicated or conversion. There are many types of cabinets. There might be some clips holding the control panel you can access through the coin door. Look around-Usually the back door comes off and you have access to the whole rear of the cabinet. These are just shots in the dark considering I can't actually see your cabinet. If you know a link to a cabinet that is just like yours, that helps. Most likely your cabinet is a converted one because there were more conversions than dedicated.

Is it like this one (which is a converted cabinet)? http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter...=R&game_id=9262

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When the video cuts off, I am still getting sound. The game is definitely still running, you can even drop coins in and hear the credit sound.


I believe it's a dedicated cabinet. You know what? I'm going to take come pictures right now, brb.


Ok, I tried to make these small enough so as not to completely flood off any dial up users.




That's the front (duh). I got all the keys so I can open the coin doors, but I can't imagine getting to the PCB from there. The top of the CP had about 10 screws, I took them all off and nothing budged.




Side view. I did notice that the two side art pieces don't line up. Maybe it's a kit after all?




Rear view. Note the panel I removed. Neither the top nor the bottom swing open (that I can tell). The wiring harness leads downward so I know that's where the goods are.


Any ideas?

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Hey Ralph, I reread what you said ... there were in fact clasps inside the CP. I got those undone and flipped it forward. It looks like the PCB is "down in there", I see some deadbolts that look like if I undo those maybe the whole sheet of MDF comes out and I can then switch out PCBs with a known good one.


There's something strange with the two games I bought today. They're immaculate. There's not a speck of dust, inside or out. The show a little wear from play, but they look like someone detailed them inside and out.

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Ok, I got everything out. I probably didn't do it "right", but it's all out. I swapped out JAMMA boards, and lo and behold, had the same problem. So, it looks like I've got a monitor problem on my hands. The back of the monitor says "Sharp Image". Off to more Googling!

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I'm probably going to try. My gameroom is in a building behind my house, and I just discovered that the three big games I bought this week won't fit through my gate. They'll be sitting in the garage for a while until I come up with a plan, so I'll have lots of time for capping that thing.

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