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Death Race and Invader X Available on Cartridge


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I will be releasing a few hacks on cartridge in April. They are:


Death Race and Invader X






Each game will be limited to 20 carts each. The price will be $15 or less per game and will include the cartridge and color instruction book. I always have people who want the game after the 20 carts are gone, unless someone else wants to offer them there will be no more carts made. If you would like to Reserve a copy just send me an e-mail. I will reserve you a copy and when the carts are available I will e-mail you with the details. Payment for the game will be made at that time. If you decide you don't want it, then I will e-mail the next person on the stand-by list.


For now I am only posting this in the Hack Forum. After the 20 copies are reserved I will add people to the stand-by list in the order recieved. I will update this thread with the number of copies remaining. I am sorry to the people who missed DP-Xmas and Space Invaders Vector Edition. Space Invaders Vector Edition will be made available by a 3rd party in the near future.



Copies Remaining;


Death Race ------ 17

Invader X -------- 18

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Copies Remaining;


Death Race ------ 14

Invader X -------- 16


I am trying to work out a deal that will include the DVD version of the Death Race movie(Price will still be $15 or less). It really has no relation to the game other then the name, but it will be a cool bonus. I will hopefully have the details in the next update.

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Copies Remaining;


Death Race ------ 12

Invader X -------- 15


Each game will also include some theme related items like what was included with Digital Press Holiday Carts.


The Death Race DVD's have been purchased and will be included. I have'nt decided how to offer them yet:


1. Get it free with the Death Race cart

2. Get it free with the purchase of both Death Race and Invader X


Any Ideas?


Shipping will be $4.50 or $5.00. That includes Delivery Confirmation. It depends on the weight with the DVD included. People who purchase both carts will only pay one shipping fee (this is'nt EBAY).


This is only the pre-planning stages. Nothing is definite yet.

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