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Auction by Me w/Arcade, HELP me please!


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Hi all.

Well im just getting in the arcade collecting, and this auction thats tomarrow in my area, has one! Its the Sega Shinobi.

It just lists it on its site, but doesnt have a pic.

What price should i be looking to buy it for. I have no idea, since im very new to this.

What should i bring, or check before bidding.

Please help me ASAP. The auction is tomarrow!




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There was just a discussion on auctions the other day. Check here: http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=42294. As for value, that's hard to say. If it works and is in great shape I wouldn't go over $300. Do a quick check on ebay and do a search and then click on "completed items" and see what prices you come up with.

Good luck, and remember, don't bid too high. I you don't get this one there will be more down the road.

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I have owned two Shinobi cabinets. The biggest thing to check is the sound. Many of them have gone out, and it's not a simple fix. I paid $50 for the one with no sound (which I later sold) and I paid $150 for the one I have now, complete with marquee, sideart, etc.

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