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Custer's Revenge 2: Return of General Custer!


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I played around with it last night till 4:00 am in the morning. Trial and error is right. I was doing it on a bigger brother laptop that I have been tweaking for barcoding reasons. So, in my failed details to you, I was ass-tired. I do remember changing colors on a bin (dk). Laptop wipped clean of HOM2 and bin experiments.


NEO: can you do some screenshots please???????????



I do all of my color changes thru Hack-O-Matic II. It just takes a lot of patience and trial and error.



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Load the Donkey Kong BIN into HOM II.


Use the Flip option to reverse the code.


Go to lines 04B0 thru 04C0.


Just make random changes to the pattern and then save it and play it on an emulator. You will see that you have changed the colors on one frame of Marios animation. If you look thru the code you can find the colors for the other frames as well. Some programs are simple and others are really diificult to spot the color code.


You can also affect game speed, sound and music and just about all aspects of a game with HOM II. Just check out my Invader X hack. I have changed Game speed, sound, color, graphics, score values and more using HOM II.


Like I said before, it is trial and error. 90% of the time you will cause the program to crash or other weird things. Just be persistent and you will figure it out. Compare completed hacks to the original code to see what was changed. Hope this helps a little....

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Well, yeah, I can hack EVERYTHING about the game just by going in HOM and moving blocks around, I thought you meant there was a purposeful and easy to interface color hacker, not just pick some code and screw with it. I can do that with a disassembly just as easy, maybe easier. :ponder:

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@Stan: Greg Zumwalt did some awesome color changes on Jungle Jane

Atarius Maximis did some really good color change with Adventure plus. Wonder if they would have any advice on the color changes your asking. Mainly not having to doink with the code. (thats what I am trying to get into and having major problems: mainly too many trial and error files -LOL)


PS: don't forget the hack that we have all been watching "Avalon" there is some awesome color change there as well. Name is drawing a blank at the moment.



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Here is the i dare NEO attachment for vector pacman (not to be tampered with by me) just wanted to see him tear through this one.  Stan I need a tripple double dog dare from you and SS.




I'll see what I can do. I'm juggling several hacks right now, but I'll put a little time into it. Did you want the Vector Green treatment or stay with color?

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Hacking Color is really not that difficult guys! If I can do it, anyone can do it. It's easiest to use the dissasembly for sure, I can't imagine poking around and guessing using HOM2! You don't need to know how to program, you just have to be comfortable using command line tools and any generic text editor.


I'm currently working on a hack of chopper command, and I'm just now starting to locate the colors and make changes. I'll use it as an example. Here's a brief explanation of how I typically hack the color in a game:


I) Disassemble the Game


I disassembled the chopper.bin file using Distella, using the following command line:

distella -pafs chopper.bin > chopper.txt


II) Search for and note all Color entries in the Disassembled file


Open up chopper.txt, and do a search for "COLU". Every time you see that entry, it's a line that could potentially change a color in the game.


Here's a screenshot of an example from my chopper command disassembly:



III) Change some Color entries


In the example above, look at the first red highlighted entry, which contains "STA COLUPF ;3". Immediately above that is a line that says "LDA $00". If you change the two digits after the "$", you will probably be changing a color somewhere in the game. When I do my testing, I change the number to "00" (which is black) to help me locate exactly what color change was made when I recompile and take a look. There will be many 'COLU' entries in the disassembly, find them all, change them all, and see what happens!


The two digit number can be changed to anything, you can use trial and error, or you can use a color chart. I believe a color chart has been posted on AA, you should be able to find one if you do a forum search. As an example, here are a few color notes I made during my trial and error color testing of my Drag Race hack:


;     02 is dark blue
;     07 is light grey
;     12 is bright blue.
;     99 is dirt colored tan.
;     22 is an aqua blue.
;     33 is light green.
;     44 is light grey.
;     55 is dark gold/tanish color.
;     61 is burnt sienna.
;     77 is a reddish/orange.	
;     5A is yellow
;     6A is orange
;     7c is bright aauq
;     5F is bright yellow


IV) Reassemble and Test!


During this process, I usually make a single change, recompile, check and see what changed, note it in the disassembly, and repeat. Within an hour or two, I can usually locate and test all of the colors in a disassembled game.


To recompile, use dasm. After you make a change to the disassembly, save a copy as a text file, and run the following command line:

dasm -f3 chopper.txt -ochopper.bin.


That's it! Easy. :)



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I found the thread with the color chart:




Also, use the z26 emulator when you test your colors, it gives the best representation of the colors you'll see on an actual 2600. ;)


Also, for those of you who don't know, you can download distella and dasm here:

Distella: http://www.atari2600collector.com/distella.htm

Dasm: http://www.atari2600collector.com/dasm.htm



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Reptone said:

Or at least help me with it, I try to run it, the windo pops up and it says something, but then it closes down faster than I can read it.


I use z26. It seems to be the most updated, and runs quite nicely on my machine. (PII-400 XP)


For your window-close problem, open up a Command Prompt, and run the emulator from the command line. If there is an error, it will stay on the screen and you'll have some idea of what you are doing wrong. On some emulators, you can drag the rom over the emulator .exe and skip the dos box altogether. Also be sure to check the readme.txt. ;-)

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Same thing applies to the macs, drag and drop the .bin on the application icon itself and you should be fine. I use the same technique with PCs running oracle databases etc. If you get a DOS popup dialog, close the application (X on your top right) and see if the game will launch and play afterwards.


Cheers :)

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Could you post what you have finished so far on the vector pacman dare??  


Cheers just anxious to play! (still on my pacman kick and working that Blinky's Revenge on the side.)  


Cheers :D


Here is the start of the Pacman Vector Hack. It's looks O.K., but it is hard to get the up and down Pacman to look right. I gave up on it and changed it to the Glutton character instead. Not really a serious try, just fooling around.



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