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UPDATE- on Auction that had Shinobi...


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Not so good news...:(

I went to the auction, all ready to buy my first acrcade... Since it was in MN, i didnt exspect much people to have interest, so i wasnt going to go over $100. (major reason cuz my mom wouldnt let me)

When i got there, i saw it..against the wall..on and lit up. I ran over there, and started pushing the buttons to see if it was working. I guess there was already a credit in it, cuz after a second, it started playing music and the first level. Everyone stared at me while i was playing. lol. I didnt care though..it could be my first arcade!!! After a while, i sat down in the front row, and waited for it to begin...during that time, alot of guys were looking at it, which didnt look to good.

To get to the point, the arcade was in good condition, with a few dents or damaged things on the front..duck tape was covering about 2 inches of an area of the front where the controls were. The sound and video worked too. Once the bidding got started..he said $300, no one bidded so he went to $100, then 50..then someone bidded, and another, and another...my mom was trying to get it, but it got too high and ended at $175. I was bummed. But maybe it wasnt ment to be.....


Oh well..thats my story for today.


Still looking for her first Arcade..


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Check the paper, too. They turn up cheap in there...


If you have a local craigslist.com, try there too. Got a Gauntlet for 100 bucks last year, worked GREAT!!


Good luck, there are more out there.....


BTW, go JAMMA for your first one. That Sega game would only have let you play that one board. A JAMMA game will let you play many others in the same cabinet...



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Keep looking Megan!


I've owned two Shinobi cabinets. My first one set me back a whole $25. It was one of the ones where the sound board had been ruined due to a leaky battery. I got rid of it and got another one for $100 at another auction. You can see a picture of it HERE. The one thing I always tell people is to hang in there, games pop up in the darnedest places!

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Theres a pinball/arcade warehouse thats like a half an hour from me, ive called a few times, and there have alot of games over $500, but i asked what they got for lower then that, and they said they have quite a few, but they always sell out of them by saturday, but they get more in during the week. He said they have some for $100, but nothing special, but they work. Im like..that works for me! lol.


And i guess i got so hung up in the fact that i just wanted an arcade machine, and i didnt care which one. Well i realized, my first one should be one that i have some interest in..lol

Well i have to keep looking, and if you know anyone in MN that has arcades for sale..LET ME KNOW! :) thanks a bunch



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