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Just bought a Crusin USA

Cassidy Nolen

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My first one! Unfortunately, it goes Wednesday out on route.....:(


Really wish it could stay in the basement for a few months. Hopefully, this one will pay for me to get another (it has to pay for itself FIRST@!!)


Considering I am usually tinkering on Pongs, dude, this thing is like NORAD inside. I know its old by Arcade standards, but its young by mine! Pic to come (no more Cabal's and other crap on my route now, baby!)



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Its a sit down, but it comes apart. I think I am going to transport it on carpet, and lay it on its side. The only stand-ups I have seen are very odd looking (kind of Daytona USA-esque).


Almost bought an Atari Speed machine insetad, but I know the coin bucket should get heavy faster with a Crusin :)


(Just a side note; Cabal was a pain in the neck for me. It used to get clogged with soap powder in the trackballs, and it only had sound about half the time....could not use the new quarters in it, monitor 'mostly' had green.....its like the Jeffersons for me :) Movin on up, to the east side...)




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