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Average price for an cabinet


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The Ms Pac-Man/Galaga's go fo no less than $1200 for what I've seen . What kind of Capcom fighter are you looking for? I would just start with the cheapest you could find like a good working standard Street Fighter 2 which is a JAMMA+ cabinet and you can put in just about any JAMMA game into and play with little modification. You might be able to get one for about $100 at an auction. I almost got one for $50, but I really didn't need it so I didn't persue it past that.

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My first Shinobi machine cost me $25. At the same auction I saw a twin sit down racing game go for $25,000.


At the last auction I was at I saw a SUPER nice Ms. Pac-Man go for $600. The auction before that, I saw one in terrible condition go for $1200.


My first Street Fighter II I got for $35, but it had a bum board. I ended up replacing it with a Championship Street Fighter II board for another $25.


There are good deals (and bad deals) everywhere. I don't know what you mean by a multi-game machine, but if you're talking about those new anniversary games, better start saving. I haven't any of them go for less than a grand.


The plan that's worked best for me is, let anyone and everyone you know that you're looking for games. They'll start leaping out of the woodwork before you know it.

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