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Joust Neo


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The Dragons have invaded the land and now the Avians are the only ones who can stop them!! The only problem is the Dragons have stolen the Avian Chicks and now hold them prisoner in their Volcanic Lairs!




You must fight thru the Dragons Armies to get to the various Lairs and save the Chicks. Destroy the Dragon as fast as you can because the lava is rising, take too long and the Chick will be KFC!

---Hint--- You must Destroy the Dragon before the Chick will be saved.




Be carefull.... There are rumors of Shadow Knights in the area!!


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It's Sir Lancelot. I never played the game, but after giving it a chance, it is a better playing Joust then the Atari version.


But darned difficult to control at times I find. :)


I don't know how often I kept flying into the bloody enemies the wrong way before I switched over to Robin Hood. :ponder:


Looks good tho. :)




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I like it way better than Joust for the 2600. And I just tried Sir Lancelot and I thought it was a little harder. For instance there are "invisible" enemies in one flying level. Not invisible but just two short lines that blink.


The invisible enemies were a cheap way to make the game harder. I have replaced them with a new enemy.


Can anyone think of a better name then Joust Neo?


Can anyone top the score below?


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