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Favorite Pinball


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either real or emulated ?


I'm actually liking Charlies Angels at the moment. Weird I know :P

My fave of all time is Addams Family pinball. I'v played a real machine

back in the day but am playing it a lot under Visual Pinmame :)


Just looking for ideas for my arcade because I'm not a Pinball freak (but I am a fan ;) )

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By far my favorite pinball is Tales of the Arabian Nights! There is so much to do & it's really fun!! Here is a pic of it:



Here are some more links to some good pins:







And here are the other ones that were mentioned in the earlier posts:





Well, I've not played it yet but here's Lord of the Rings:



OK That's enough, I could go on & on because I AM a pinball freak!! :D

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I love all the old style wooden pinball machines. They are a lot of fun to play.


Of the modern pinball games, my favorites are:


1. Addams Family--I once played this one for half the day on one play.

2. Twilight Zone

3. Tales from the Crypt

4. Nip It

5. Creature from the Black Lagoon

6. Doctor Who

7. Baby Pacman (More of a hybrid system than a true pinball machine)

8. Six Sticks

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I had a lot of fun playing a Star Trek pinball in the mid 90s. It was a new

machine based on the 60s show. As you played Scotty's voice would

yell for "more power captain!" and "warp speed!". Eventually you'd get

enough power to 'beam them up' LOL and the whole machine would

start flashing and the team would get transported. The voices kept

me laughing all the time and I kept plunking quarters just to get them

to beam up :D

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KISS was my fav and I would absolutely love to have one, but those things in great shape are EXPENSIVE  :sad:


At the last SuperAuction I went to there was one that was listed as "complete". Complete, in it's case, meant all the parts were there in the cardboard box next to the unit. What you would call the table was little more than a wooden box with KISS faces painted on the side, and next to it were one (or maybe two) large cardboard boxes full of "stuff".


THAT one went for $700. That's the day I gave up on getting one of those.

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You bastards hijacked my topic.




I loved Addams Family and I just loved the humor, the goals, the layout, the challenge, everything. It was the pinball game I played alll the time whne I was in law school. The two Star Treks were great. I also like the sound in the Fire Power game back in the mid eighties.

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Someone already mentioned it, but Black Knight 2000 has to be my #1. It was very innovative for its time. Sadly for me, I have not been able to find one to play for over ten years now. But I guess the emulator will do.


Close second -- well I spent hours on Earthshaker back in the day. I gues that has to be second place.


Emulation stars: Jack*Bot and Road Show. Never got to play either actual machine, but I scored almost 21 billion points on Jack*Bot in emulation, and Road Show is just plain fun.


And for those of you who haven't gotten PinMAME and VisualPinball, do it. It's addicting to play all those old tables.

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Pinball games were never my favorite thing to play at arcades. I was never any good at them and instead found myself drawn to the coin-op games.


But anyway, the one pinball game that stood out in my mind was GORGAR (sp?). The voices were the main draw, and the board was laid out in a decent manner as well.

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Speaking of FUNHOUSE:


Local bar finally got a pinball game after about two years of me going through withdrawls... and they got FUNHOUSE.


I played it for the first time yesterday and plugged about $10 into it! I love that game (is it emulated anywhere??? And where are the good Pinball Emulation sites?)

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