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Climber 5 Beta test


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Unless I'm misunderstanding something, it wouldn't anyway...since the game has no profile (right?).

:idea: Climber 5 should work without a profile, which usually is only needed for games using a non default controller (joystick) or a non-standard bankswitching (Atari).


How do you make profiles anyway?

You need a program generating a MD5 checksum and then edit a new entry into the Stella.pro file.

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No, don't worry about it.  I know how much work goes into getting ready for PC5 for you and Al.  If you had been able to make it, getting an autographed copy would have been relatively simple (provided someone had a sharpie.)  As of now, it would just mess it up and make more work for all involved.

Maybe we could get you to autograph a copy for getting past level 5 in the original mode :D


Cool. What do I get for reaching level 21?


You see, I've got this great idea for a game. . .




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Maybe Al can send us a couple each, then to each other, back to Al, and we can both sign them. Say...5 of them to give away. :D


Speaking of our favorite climber, I had some fun and created a wallpaper and Advertisement to celebrate the (hopefully soon) release of the C5 beta at PC5.




You can view he full size ad (with and without the text/pics) here:


Full Ad: http://www.game-rave.com/climber5/c5_ad.bmp

Artwork Only: http://www.game-rave.com/climber5/wallpaper.bmp


They're 1027 x 747 resolution, and are in bmp format.


And in shameless self promotion, if you missed my comics about winning the cover contest, you can view the first one here, and then click next for the second. :D


Go Dennis!

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Diggin' up an oldie...


I 'almost' bought this game as I liked it on the Activision 'best of' for the Gameboy. What I didn't like was the speed of the character, but I though that coulda been a fault with the GBA...a few of the games clocked in at noticeably sloooower speeds than their original hardware counterparts.


Was I foolish in not picking it up and saving on shipping? What's the speed like on the VCS compared to the GBA version? It's a really fun game though, quite challenging as well.

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We'll be featuring Climber 5 LIVE on tomorrow's (Wednesday) ZeroPage Homebrew stream on Twitch at 11AM PT | 2PM ET | 7PM GMT! Hope everyone can watch!

Twitch Stream: http://twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/


- Billy the Ball (2019 WIP) by Chris Read aka atari2600land
- White Water Madness (2019 WIP Update) by Chris Read aka atari2600land
- KTron (2019 WIP) by Adriano Sabo aka acsabo
- Climber 5 (2003) by Dennis Debro aka DEBRO



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Thanks for the download link Thomas! Having the instructions will make it easier the next time around and thanks for the hints during the stream. :-)


Great show, and great that you liked Climber 5 that much. It's really a cool game.


Instructions attached (found them in web.archive.org).

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