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Galaxian Vector


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Allright, I could'nt help myself. I started fooling around with Galaxian to make a Vector Version. I really don't have the time to go thru all the code, so here is what I have. If someone can finish converting all the colors to green, please do. Or just post the locations if they are known.


Need to change:

Score Color

Bullet Color

Lives Remaining Color

and get rid of the red eyes

The color on the game over screen that has the Galaxian can be changed also.




---Not A Finished Hack (WIP)---



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so, this is still WIP, right?


When I get some free time I will convert the rest of the colors.


It's really funny, instead of finishing this one I have made different version with characters from other games. I have Pac-Attack(Pac-Men attacking a Ghost),Ghost Attack(obviously the reverse of the first one), Have A Nice Day(Frown faces attacking a happy face), Ford VS Chevy (Truck Wars), New color version of Headhunter(Skulls attacking a headless Skeleton), Fuji Fighter(Atari symbols attacking), Space Invaders the Real Sequel(what Galaxian really is). And a few more that are so wrong that I won't mention them.


See, I really do spare you guys from a lot of my bad hacks. Well, most of them. :ponder:

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