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My new project: Catalog of all arcade scrolling shooters

The Eidolon

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Hello all,


I've been working on a list of all the arcade scrolling shooters I can

find. For the moment I'm hosting it on my low-bandwith Yahoo

account at:




I would welcome any information on games I might have missed or

information that needs updating, so please PM me or respond to this

thread with any information or requests.



--The Eidolon

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I don't know anything about hardware, but I can think of a few good ones

with vertical orientation I've played. You might look into:


Raiden II (available on PS1 in "Raiden Project")

Strikers 1945 (Available PS1 Japan only)

Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings Series (1,2,3)

The Next Space

Sky Soldiers


Rayforce (AKA Layer Section in the home version)


Twin Cobra


Vapor Trail

Raiden DX (Available PS1 Japan only)

Raiden Fighters 1&2



Viper Phase 1


All those I recall as quite a bit of fun with good replay value. I've

listed some of the home versions where I know of one and given

some of the names of the Japanese versions. Happy hunting!


Some day when I have a bit more time I plan to add screen shots and

reviews, but that will likely take quite a while.


--The Eidolon

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sounds good !! off to klov to look up viper....


won a couple of auctions for boards today, nothing special, chopper1 and heavy barrel (Which looks cool :) ).


just trying to build up a few to play until I get a chance to do some 'serious work' on the cab - yes Cassidy, that involves you mate !! :D (As if you didnt have enough on your plate already ! :D )



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Depends what you class as an arcade scrolling shooter. I presume from that list you're only including ones where you pilot a vehicle of some kind? I would class the likes of Commando and Gunsmoke as scrolling shooters myself.

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Mame does this. They have the different categories of shooters under the genre. They have Horizontal and Vertical. Then two more that are labeled "Shooter.m" and "Shooter.s" The shooter.s are like space invaders and galaxian. Not sure what the m stands for.

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