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Prototype Unveiling at PhillyClassic 5


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It's finished, very finished...  :D  


I'll have to ask if they want to share the source.  Might take some time to get through to them though.




Is this something that already exists for one of the Atari computer systems, or something completely new to the Atari 8 bit world?

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My guess: It's gotta be Arabian *crosses fingers*


Hmm I don't think so..Although I would love to see that too, like Kangaroo, Arabian was some Jap game that Atari licensed later. Of course this didn't stop the ads and articles of the time from saying "NEW FROM THE VIDEOGAME WIZARDS OF ATARI!!" or something like that :lol:


My guesses would fall on these games: Red Baron, Major Havoc, Black Widow, or I Robot. Am I close? :D

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I'll go out on a limb for my last guesses:


1. Marble Madness.

It's strange that this was never ported to the A8...


2. Road Runner

Would have fit in with the 5200 catalogue that Time/Warner was



3. Tomcat

Just because I've never heard any whispers about this game, period...

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