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Neo: This hack rocks ....I love the Yars level!!!!! Better version of MM I have seen in a good while. Cool collage of diff Atari Heros and Foes!!




Guess Its time to apply some time to hack posting myself. Stan is going to have a hard time just keeping up with NEOs hacks. :D

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The shields are upside down!!! CRAZY!


Which gave me kind of a neat idea for a game... It would be a nice mix of Kaboom and Space Invaders and Warlords. Whatcha gotta do is catch the Space Invaders' bullets, and for each one you catch - it kills the invader that dropped it. If you miss, it will bust out the wall underneath you... if a bullet gets through then it kills a life. :-)


So it would probably be kind of easy in the beginning, but on higher levels, there would be less bricks underneath you, and of course the invaders would be coming at you really fast. Eek!


One time I made MMF game for the PC mixing Breakout and Space Invaders. I still think it is kind of neat, although a little weird. :-D

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Ahem... (ruffles paper)


Cease and Desist

To whom it may concern...


It has come to our attention that the site in question (http://www.atariage.com) has no less than ninety-eight (98) copyrighted binaries located on said server downloadable by the public in a publicly-accessable page entitled "Hacks" (the latter term in reference to unauthorised code alterations of said computer programmes).  Of these ninety-eight (98) publicly-downloadable binaries, sixty-seven (67) variations of thirty-one (31) titles are confirmed to be code alterations of computer programmes originally written, created, packaged, sold, and copyrighted by our client, Atari Corp.  Please remove these immediately.



Dewey, Screwem, and Howe

Attorneys at law






BTW the above is a complete lie :D

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Yeah...sure...try saying that when you are looking down the barrel of a loaded 45 being aimed at you by a federal agent...while dobermans growl over your face as you are being held down and handcuffed, then kicked in the head by an iron boot.


I won't be...I'm too scared :o

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