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SI Deluxe-w/shot counting!

Nukey Shay

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No...I was thinking more along the lines of arcade games, like Galaxian, Space Invaders, and such. 12 sprites horizontal would be more authentic...and flicker would be minimal.



BTW I updated the game rom. The ground shifts color when the game is inactive (so that the end of the game is more obvious).

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Sure thing. Took me a while to backpedal and remember what I did originally :lol:


BTW since the table length is 14 bytes long, I -could- have a seperate color on even the shifting version. This isn't how the arcade game works tho, so I changed it only on every other line to simulate the color bands.


Unchanging rainbow version (SI deluxe is still in the first post on page 1):


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so do we have a FINAL bin of this hack?

Possibly...though I never really consider something finished if there are still known issues left unresolved. It's only 4 of them, and none are serious, but it's there. ;)

Still drifting back and messing with it occasionally. With 5 free bytes of ram, I should be able to clear out a sizable chunk of memory once it's labelled better.

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