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Space Invaders Hack Removed!


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Ok this will be the new thread for my hacks as the last one is getting clogged

up and theres too many bogus leftovers from a previous help conversation

so Alex or Albert you can safely delete the old thread now :)  


Here is the IPS patches for Space Invaders Ultimate Hack  

(Dont worry there the same as they last were)


And i hope that more people will DL from this not so messed up thread!


Please PM me any feedback :)


As usual if you made the original game and want it/them removed contact

the editor so he can PM me thanks! 8)


I think you should just post the BIN file. Most people won't download a patch.

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if people want to request a patching utility included in the zip

then thats OK


but i am NOT including the bin files


due to the fact that although the graphics and colors have been changed

the game engine it's self isnt


if i ever get into homebrew game making however ill post the BIN for them

as it's my game


I know that no one has ever knocked on your door or most other peoples

yet but if the developers decide to take action




surely you can understand this as much as others can :)

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Sez you.  That hack of my hack of NE146's hack of Atari's Space Invaders is pretty sweet :)


Which hack of what hack that you hacked that was then hacked are you refering to? :ponder:


Yeah...I missed a level. It was Rob's hack to begin with. Sorry about that :)


To be serious for a moment, Did you work on the original Space Invaders Arcade Hack??

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Because they would lose their copyright to the titles. And that would be impossible to reclaim if everything were officially declared to be public domain.


Nobody is interested in prosecuting you for 20 year old programs. If you had suddenly started cranking out millions of dollars selling hacks of their stuff, now that might get their attention.

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thats not what i mean!


what i mean is that say they make the games free but still retain the ©

so that if they change their minds they can say any future copies of

such and such game will cost x$/£/Y/E


and presto every ones happy! even if its only like a year


and i know that you will say "but then they would be no reason to sell it!"


thats why they should host most the games for free on their own server

when they dont want them to be free anymore take them off for

several years (5-7 yrs) replace with different games while after said

period the previosly hosted games come at a cost and keep shuffling this

method around until no more profit is to be made


Sorry did i confuse you? :)

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