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Rescue Invaders


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Here's a goofy hack of Pick Up.


One of your ships has been damaged and is being held on a platform by the invaders. You must paralyze each invader by hitting it with your missile. When an invader is paralysed, its picture shows up at the bottom of the screen, and the platform is lowered slightly. If you hit that same invader again, the paralyzing effect is neutralized, and that invader goes free. Each time an invader is freed, the damaged ship gets closer the edge of the platform, and is in danger of falling off.


Once all the invaders are paralyzed, you are able to rescue your damaged ship by going left, then dragging it off the right of the screen. Keep dragging it the the repair base. Once it has been fixed, go left to begin the

next battle.


Rescue Invaders


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