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Invader X Label Contest


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I need a label for the soon to be released hack Invader X






Marooned on the ice planet Krybor, you watch legions of eerie creatures scream overhead. They hover ominously. They give you no quarter. Attack and destroy them, or be destroyed! Armed with your Laser Cannon, you confront the ultimate challenge: SURVIVE!..................Or so you thought. Seems like that was just the training mission. Now prepare for the

REAL THING!! ..........INVADER X!!




If you have played Demon Attack and need a new challenge, then step up to Invader X!! These Invaders attack with more speed and cunning then the Demons ever did. Watch out for the new Stealth Technology!!




This game will be available in April 2004. It will include the Game Cartridge, and Instruction Manual. Only 20 copies will be made.




You can post entries here or you can e-mail me the image and I will post it.


Winner will recieve a copy of the game with their winning label.


Deadline will be approximately 2 weeks. Final Deadline will be posted at a later date.

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