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The Last Save Sally post.


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O.k. I know this hack isn't the greatest, but I am pleased with it. So much, that I may make a cart outta it. I have to smooth out some details. But maybe in a couple weeks I will have a cart for it. I'm not making it for monetary gain. I'm making it because I always wanted to.


I would have a Save Sally art contest, but it's not worth it. LOL


Sorry to take your time reading this.

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Hello. My son, Out_of_Gas, had been banned from coming here again. I see by his posts, he has been causing trouble.  I have blocked this site from all my computers, and he will not be here again. Sorry for all the damage he has done.


James Francis Sr.


:? Trouble and damage?? None that I see. Just a mis-understanding.


Actually he has shown an interest and quick understanding into a subject that most people have trouble with.

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Thanks to neo, and CPUWIZ. Yes it was his template.  Neo, can I use the art you made, for the label, if I decide to make a cart?

I apologize for all the junk I put you through.


You can use anything that I have. I can send the bigger image to you with whatever color border you want. It's not great quality, but it will look OK on a cart.

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It looks sweet to me. I really prefer the purple.


I got a email from Packrat, and they said all I need is the label, and the bin.


SO maybe if I can, I will have the crappiest DK hack on cart of all time. :D But it is my crap. LOL


Next time, I will use the old ATARI 2600 carts from 1979, for my labels. LOL

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