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The Last Save Sally post.


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It looks sweet to me. I really prefer the purple.


I got a email from Packrat, and they said all I need is the label, and the bin.


SO maybe if I can, I will have the crappiest DK hack on cart of all time. :D  But it is my crap. LOL


Next time, I will use the old ATARI 2600 carts from 1979, for my labels. LOL


Do you want the label e-mailed to you or sent to Packrat?? Is their anything on the label that you want changed? I could add your name to the top or something...


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O.k. It still takes place in the 20's. Stan Strong is still the hero.

I changed the barrels, to fireballs.

2nd level, I made mutants, instead of the other thing I had.


Your girl has been kidnapped, by an evil being known as, Grondo."Half-man, half-beast, all horror!"(tm neo)

Grondo was a experiment gone wrong.


you see where I am going, I hope.

Tell me what ya think.

The fireballs, can be jumped over, but ya gotta time it right.




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23 SKIDDO!!!!!

It's the roaring 20's.

You are Stan Strong.

Square jaw'd man of action.

On your way to see Sweet Sally Saint.

All of the sudden, you hear the cries for help.

Jumping into action, like only Stan Strong can.

You rush to the old factory.

There, in horror, you see Sally with "something".

That thing is GRONDO!!! Half-man, half beast, all horror!

An experiment gone totally wrong.

Sally was the assistant of Dr. Lifeline.

Who in secret was tinkering with the forces of nature. In the process he made a new race of mutants. But he wanted more. He wanted to create the ultimate race of man.

Grondo was that experiment.

Needless to say, the good doctor, didn't live long, due to Grondo's temper. Now it's up to you to make your way past deadly fireballs. Up the ramp to the upper level labratory. OH NO!!!! MUTANTS!!!!!!


(to be continued)

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