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Proposal Cart Label Contest! WINNER!


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I am holding a label design contest for a custom marriage proposal cart that I am going to use to propose to my girlfriend. You can read the original post about this on the 2600 forum under "Proposal Via Atari?"


So far Paul Slocum is hacking the rom for me and Albert has graciously offered to produce the cart free of charge! Now all I need is YOU to create the lable that will adorn this one of a kind cart. The winner will recieve a $25 gift certificate to the AA store. The contest runs from Today (March 31) until midnight April 17. (I know its not long but I'm going to propose by the end of April).


The Rules:

Anything Goes. The game will be Donkey Kong and after she beats the first level the proposal will come up on the screen. However, the label does not have to be Donkey Kong related . The only real rule I have is no excesive use of the color pink, she hates pink.

If you would like to put our names on the lable somewhere I am Tim and she is Jennifer.


Please post you entries here.




EDIT: I perviously wrote "However, the label does not have to be Donkey Kong related ( would prefer it not to be)." I dont know why I wrote this, disregard.

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Uhm, wouldn't a different label ruin the surprise?


Not really, you cant see my 2600 when your palying it, I use controller extensions and the unit is on the lowest shelf of my entertainment center, deep in the shadows. I'll just mae sure she dosent see the cart, wont be hard.


"Here, check out this new game I got" (hands her the controller).

(She plays the game.......Oh my!......I DO!)



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I thought it would be nice to put a ring on the lable, but when I searched "ring" on Google image search, I got some messed up perverted site. :roll: Why me! :D


Only you Vb, only you. Maybe you shouldn't of put "cock" before "ring" :D Next time try "wedding" or "engagment".


Speaking of perverted, does this emoticon look perverted to anyone but me? :yawn:



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If DK is in the "game", It's only right that he be on the label, too!  


I hope I upload this right, I made a jpg files for posting, but I've got Hi-Res versions as well.


BTW, any woman who says "yes" to something like this is a keeper, IMHO. ;)


I assume this will be in a standard Atari cart case and NOT a Coleco case then? This label is awesome.

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