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PlanetRaid (a RR hack)


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Changes: I like the fuel tanks (they are slighty modified: 2 pixels, but when someone have a better idea ...) and the jet is modified, too. I think, the big (space) ships are too dark. The Background is the same (and I'll try to modify it) but the behavior of enemies is changed (I think).


(The interlaced and animated helicopters are horrible to modify - no fun, but now this is finished)

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Planet Raid is the second game with my little space ship (Galaxian ND was the first). I think it will be a trilogy in the future.


The new version has modified levels and enemy appearance. It's a complete new challenge to play this hack.


The fuel tanks are now battery charge stations.


The score numbers are redesigned and all colors are optimized.


I will need a little time to change the shot behavior and to give the second player a new color (it's black on black yet).


Hope you'll like it



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Now, the new release of Planet Raid is out. Please give me response what's hot and what's not. Do you like the new rough walls or do you want the even ones (like the original RR)? I think it is a final candidate for making carts? Please play it a lot and check the level design.


Have fun.


Here is the cartridge label art:




And here is the new BIN:


Planetraid_08.bin (disabled)


(Thanks to Thomas)

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