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Wanted: Interesting Auctions


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Periodically we post interesting auctions (both eBay and Bidiots now) to the front page. Sometimes we slack on this, such as the leading up from before PC5 to the present. :) I'm looking for some links to an interesting Atari-related eBay or Bidiots auction that I can highlight on the front page. "Interesting" means it should be a fairly unique or rare item, or maybe a monster auction with 400 unique 2600 games, prototypes, one-of-a-kind items, and so forth. This thread could be used to periodically highlight auctions of this nature, and then I can pick and choose what gets posted on the front page. If you want to suggest one or more of your own auctions, that's fine, as long as they meet the "interesting" criteria. :)





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Maybe you could make this thread a sticky?


I thought about that after making the Polls thread a sticky, but I hate over-using stickies. :) I may do that anyway, since "interesting" auctions such as I am soliciting for are probably of interest to many people, even if they don't make the front page (which most wont, depending on how many people actually post here).



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Here's one:




I don't really know what to make of these but, I've emailed the seller and they told me that they purchased these at an estate sale. I don't think they'll sell really high and I don't think the're protptypes but, they are unusual none-the-less.

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Yes, true but I do think it's odd he has a dukes of hazzard that obviously isn't an eprom, it's a rom. This leads me to believe he may have bough from the same place best electronics did when they got their dukes roms. There are some unique looking pcb's (bottom right corner one?) in that auction. This is the first time I've ever seen them on ebay as well. I've search ebay every day for the past four years...

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