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Stanley Cup Playoff Contest II - UPDATED STATUS


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Starting with next round, I am running a contest for the rest of the NHL playoffs. The contest is simply to give your predictions for the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals. Points will be awarded as follows:

Quarterfinals - 1 point

Semi- 2 points

Stanley Cup- 4 points



1. Once the first round is over, I will post all the matchups for the quarterfinals. Once I do that, you can start posting your predictions.


2. You can make edits up to when the puck drops at the start of the first Quarterfinal game. Any edits made after that and you will be disqualified.


3. Winner is whoever gets the most points. Tie breakers will be determined by the number of total goals scored during the Stanley Cup finals. Whoever comes closest to the total. (this is not like the price is right, you can go over the total). If still tied, winner drawn from a hat.


4. I am going to give an example post to show what I want your guesses to look like.


5. Winners get to choose between some really good stuff. Valued at around $20- $30


6. Contest is open to everyone.



Matchups and Results:


First Round:


Tampa Bay vs NY Islanders - Tampa Wins 4-1

Boston vs Montreal - Montreal Wins 4-3

Philadelphia vs NJ Devils - Philly Wins 4-1

Toronto vs Ottawa - Toronto Wins 4-3


Detriot vs Nashville - Detriot Wins 4-2

San Jose vs St Louis - San Jose Wins 4-1

Vancouver vs Calgary - Calgary Wins 4-3

Colorado vs Dallas - Colorado Wins 4-1


Second Round:

QF1 - Tampa Bay vs. Montreal - Tampa Bay Wins 4-0

QF2 - Philadelphia vs. Toronto - Philadelphia Wins 4-2


QF3 - Detriot vs. Calgary - Calgary Wins 4-2

QF4 - San Jose vs. Colorado - San Jose Wins 4-2


Semi - Finals

SF1 - Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia

SF2 - San Jose vs. Calgary

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Still Alive:


1. linc_O - 4/12

TB Phi Cal SJ - TB Cal - Cal 52


2. tyranthraxus - 4/12

TB Phi Cal SJ - Phi SJ - Phi 28


3. intvgene - 3/11

TB Phi Det SJ - TB SJ - SJ 39


4. superomni - 2/10

TB Tor Det SJ - TB SJ - TB 32


Mathematically Eliminated:


black_dog - 3/11

TB Phi Det SJ - Phi SJ - Phi 34


jeepnut24 - 3/11

TB Phi Det SJ - Phi SJ - Phi 56


Xot - 3/5

TB Phi Det SJ - Phi Det - Det 42


reptone - 2/4

TB Phi --- Col - TB Col - Col 43


Lost Monkey - 2/4

Mon Tor Cal SJ - Tor SJ- Tor 26


AtariDude - 1/1

TB Tor Det Col - Tor Det - Tor 27


Gateway - 1/1

Mon Tor Cal Col - Mon Col - Mon 38


Mr.FoodMonster - 1/1

Mon Phi Det Col - Mon Det - Det 22


Scooterb23 - 1/3

Mon Phi Det Col - Phi Col - Col 23


Ze_ro - 1/7

Mon Tor Cal Col - Mon Cal - Cal 73

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QF1 - Montreal

QF2 - Toronto


QF3 - Calgary

QF4 - Colorado


SF1 - Montreal

SF2 - Calgary


SC - Calgary


Total Goals - 73


What can I say? I love to root for the underdogs. I'm not too concerned with who exactly wins The Cup, I just want it to be a Canadian team.



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