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Magnum Steele v4.4


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CHanges made to this Dark Chambers hack so far.

CHanged the running animations of the hero.

CHanged zombie into snake.

I am at a quandry as what to make the rest of the enemies.

Because when you shoot them, they eventually turn into the snake.

Oh well.



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maybe the enemies go through some kind of instant reincarnation and come back as a lower life form?? :D :D :D


I wouldn't worry too much, in the original game all enemies devolved into that big fat green thing. :roll: :D :D :D


I was wondering when you were getting back to this! Can't wait to see the final. :)

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Changed wizard(purple thingie) into "humanoid" form.

It looks decent.

But maybe I have to change snake to something else.

Maybe a slime.

Human, to ghost, to skeleton, to slime.

I will probably leave the reaper like it is.



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Ok. This may get a laugh.

I now have a lot of work to do.

The reaper is now..... a robotic suit.

So, Robotic suit, humanoid, ghost, skeleton, slime.

This will have to take place in the future.

Oh well.

I will work on it when I have more time.


Level H. You can start there for the robots.


I will have a explanation of the game soon.(LOL)



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ok, spent some time with this last night and this morning, here is what I think, take it or leave it :)


Your player animation looks pretty darn good, heads above the rectangle man we have in the original. well done. A little berzerk-like, but what are you going to do :?: :)


I like the slime, not sure about which version, but leaning toward the vector style.


The robot suit looks very cool, but need not be a "robot suit" per se, could be anything, monster, demon, etc. if you are not thrilled with the "future" theming. I really like its size.


Your "Humanoid" is a bit less interesting. Very stick figure-ish and when it walks there is a pixel that keeps popping out of the bottom that is just confusing (leg?). Seeing your robot suit, tells me you can do better. :)


I really, really strongly recommend you hack the ghost and skeleton as well. They just don't flow with the other changes you made. and they remind me that I am playing Dark Chambers, not Magnum Steele.


Of course the title screen will need a good hacking at some point, but overall I think you are heading in the right direction. Keep at it and keep posting updates.




Stan :)

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I am digging this one so far. I agree with stan, I love all the changes you have made but the ghost and skeleton are still reminders of Dark Chambers. Yes the title screen will present you a little challenge but this hack is looking and playing great! No bugs so far and your changes are well thought out. This flows nicely! Cheers :D

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I will try to change the robot into a demon.

Any suggestions for the ghost, or skeleton?

I have had some computer problems the past 48 hours, so my posts will probably be kept to a minimum.

I went for the berserk running animation.

I used hack-o-matic 2, and graph paper to "draw" the figures.

The robot took me about 10 minutes total.

I will keep the vector slime.

I mean this game really reminds me of a "berserk" type game, instead of Gauntlet.

If I do keep it futuristic, I have a description planned out.

The title screen will be my toughest challenge yet.

But any ideas as to what to change the ghosts and skeletons to, please holler em out.

WHo knows, maybe with all your help, this may be a futuer cart( :roll: ).

Thanks again.


I may try to change the reaper to a dragon.

But dragon to?


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With a future setting the possibilies are endless. Maybe this is "Berzerk II?" And there is somewhere to put an Evil Otto Sprite?


Or, how about the enemies start out as fully armoured Automazeons and as you shoot them, they lose armor until they are down to their chassis and skeletal structure, and then finally down to the bare frame (that would help explain the change from sprite to sprite as you shoot them.... :idea: )



I think this has a LOT of great potential! Keep plugging away!


And yeah, that Title Screen will be a mother. Good luck. :)

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One more update.

Made robots show battle damage.

ANd the near death robots move erratic.



You made it out of a nightmare.

Only to wake up in another one.

Stranded on a strange planet, you seek shelter in an abandoned space station.

There you realize.......you are not ALONE!!

You see some strange creatures heading your way!

Also some ....familiar robots, that you can't quite put your finger on.

Then all of the sudden, you remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I may have to change the battle damage robots, because there is some already on the field.


Now the big challenge.....

Changing the title screen, and coming up with a better name.

Magnum Steele ain't gonna cut it.

Berzerk V2, ....... Don't think that will work.

Maybe something along the lines of....

Escape the Nightmare


Just a thought.

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Well, the battle damage robots are the skeletons.

On some screens they have the skeletons already there.

But I will leave em. :D


Any suggestions for a new title?


Maybe the folks that made Berzerk will object to Berzerk 2.

Suddenly Magnum Steele dont sound too good.


Maybe this




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