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Best way to start making Hacks on existing Atari 2600 Games

Atari Charles

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I've read a heap of information on this forum and other forums regarding the homebrew game, etc. Well, I'd like to start with a hack of game and then in the future try my hand at programing a game from scratch.


So first things first, can anyone give me some advice on the best way to hack an existing game? Right now I use a Pentium III computer and run Windows XP Pro. Is there a program I can download on this site that will allow me to program in the Atari Language, save the file as a rom that can be burned onto an EPROM?


The best way for me to learn is to do a hack or a mod on something whether it be a program, piece of electonics, etc and then learn what works and what doesn't. At least with a hack, I can work with programming code that is already there and make mods from there.


I want to walk before I run, so that is what a hack of an existing Atari 2600 game would be the most logical place for me to start.


I'm not in it for the money but more for the joy of creating a playable game on a system I grew up with.


So any ideas would be helpful as well. I follow through with projects I start, so I will see this to completion.


Thanks again,

Atari Charles

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