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HSC1 R3: Donkey Kong & Mr. Do!


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with pleasure we saw that anybody else likes to play 8bit games and makes a hiscore contest in the internet.


We are the Wiesbaden Gaming Lab (WGL), part of the german atari computer club ABBUC (Atari Bit Byter User Club).


Since 10 month we do once per month a HSC ('High Score Chat') and we call it ABBUC Bundesliga. We are meeting on a wednesday from 9 to 11 pm in the chat room of the ABBUC Homepage with about 10 people and playing one game that we voted. If some of you guys are interested to play and chat with us, we could translate the rules and chat in english?!


The four members of the WGL want to participiate this week in your contest. We met last night and played a lot of atari games. We played Donkey Kong also. Here are our scores.


Wizard / WGL 77200

Grisu / WGL 14800

Mad Butscher / Foundation Two 14100

Bunsen / WGL 12200


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Mr Do - 143600 :D



I found a bug in the game - When the 'Letter' guys came out and I got the letter 2 of the bad guys were right next to each other and turned into 'apples'. The letter came out again on its own and tried to eat 1 of the apples but got confused since 2 were right next to each other. The 'letter' bounced back and forth trying to eat an apple but never succeeding - I couldnt hit it with the ball either - oh well ;)



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Wow... looks like I'm gonna have some competition on this one.


I thought for sure I had a killer score on Mr Do... I got it on my third try and it took me SEVERAL tries before I could get close to it consistently.


I'll post my scores later.




I'll probably skip on tips. For some reason I do not think of tips for games like these. I might have a few, but they would mostly be scoring tips (how many points you get for what), etc. Almost like an overview on how to play the game. Nothing really special.


When I was playing gorf and berzerk all kinds of tips were popping in my head.


As for donkey kong. I've been realizing just how sloppy the barrell screens are. Mario's head is too big, the collision detection is dodgy, and there are very few spots you can jump over a barrel without hitting your head on a barrel above you.


And to think the original programmer was proud of the barrel level.




Still a great game, none the less.


Anyone know how to create a diamond in Mr. Do? It happens to me every once and a while but I was not sure what caused it.

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FYI on Donkey Kong - I think the 3rd elevator screen (maybe 4) gets so fast the pattern was tested on an 'osillator' or something like that to prove it was theorhetically possible to complete :o


Are you sure? I'm almost positive I have managed to get past that level in the past. But that was many moons ago and my reflexes where alot faster.


I know that level is insane, for sure. In fact I think the game even slows down.

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I don't have Mr Do! (I'd have to use an emulator) But there's nothing that can hold me back from one of my all time favorites, classic Donkey Kong :D


My first couple of tries.. I just tried to remember the 8bit version. My observations


1. You can jump and hit your head on a barrel above you even in the middle of the screen in the girder stage! Another "extra" thing to beware of.

2. Lack of the ladder (the one below the hammer in the middle of the rivets stage) really messes up my pattern.. I gotta improvise

3. So many Fireballs in the conveyer belt stage! The arcade only gave you the corresponding # to the stage (i.e. stage 3 gives you 3 fireballs, stage 1.. only seen in the japan version, gives you 1 fireball, etc.). In 8bit DK, they throw out FIVE at you right away! :x

4. The Bouncing rivets on the elevator stage behave completely different from the arcade version. They get slower and decrease the wavelength of their bounce in the upper stages forcing you to do fancy footwork (rather than using pure speed) to avoid them...Takes some trial and error.


so here are my record "tries":

1st try: 30k-ish

2nd try: 41900

3rd try: little higher.. not by much

4th try: even less!

5th try: about 70k.. but I knew I could do better. I just had to concentrate and stop treating it like the arcade game.

6th try: :D


95200! I coulda did better too.. but I died foolishly on the first girder stage of the cycle by a poorly timed barrel jump. Oh well.. it's time for bed anyway :P



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