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ultimately that would be up to you. What else is left to change? You changed the lead character (and he looks great!). You changed the enemies. Did you finalize the changes on the objects and doors?


I guess that would be about it, unless you wanted to change the "Entering Level "x"" screen text to something more Berzerk-ish.


Just thinking out loud again. ;)

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Changed entering level screen.

I tried to take away the letter if the level, but when I did, it took away the Otto icon at the select screen.


I will look at it later.

Also fixing the Game over screen, to say YOU DIE!


Tinkered with the animation on the titlescreen.

Making Otto, look like hes saying intruder alert.

or something


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Just as soon as I finish this project, I will be having some carts made.

I will maybe be making some Fat Freddie carts as well.

I think I know who's gonna make them :D .

And he does a wonderful job!


In theory I will have them both finished by next week(the final bins).

I have a few things left with Berzerk: Escape, as well as Fat Freddy

I will be making manuals for both.

SO I will let everyone know when it is finished.

If anyone is interested in haveing a cart made, just holler.

And I will have some made soon.


Thanks for all that played my stuff.

This is probably going to be my best hack.

I know I cant top this.

But Fat Freddy may be close!

Check out the new death animation on Fat Freddy!

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oh shut up, you can and WILL top this someday. Because now you are learning, soon you will use this knowledge and build upon it. :) :)


Loving the Title screen more and more! Any chance the Otto head on the "Intruder Alert" screen could be bigger? :ponder:


This is really looking great. :)

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That title screen rocks the casba. I am thinking out loud. Is there by chance a way to incorporate the Bezerk Voice Enhanced sounds into this one?? Might ask Paul S. for some help (only if sound is going to be changed). Cheers and loving all the changes and modifications!



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