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To the Canadian AA members, Tell us your sob stories for $39


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Okay, I'm sorry I've been very busy at work and school lately all sorts of pre summer projects needing to get completed. Anyways I'm here to let you all know who the Official winner of this contest is. To my count there have been only two real posts pertaining to contest entries. And so my judgement falls to determining which of the two would possibly win first place. I've found the winner. Before I get down to telling you who it is, I'd like to expound on why I chose that person. I chose this person because that person provided a well told story that was intriguing, and encaptivating. I chose this person because that person provided pictorial prof of the many different aspecst of that person's story. and mostly I chose that person because that person actually lives in Canada, and could use the money. that person is...















drum roll please.....











































is the drum roll still going?





































okay, were just abount done with the drum roll...











































THE WINNER IS... Atari Charles




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