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Poor, poor Freddie. He can't seem to quit eating.

One day, after devouring the hot dog stand, he took a nap.

When he awoke, he found himself in a strange land.

The inhabitants are ruled by the Marshmallow Mob.

You must eat all the candy, while avoiding the Marshmallow Mob.



Title screen.

Changed treasures.

Gave Freddie a "death" animation(overeating :D )




This is a WIP, hack of Jr. Pac-Man.


I got the inspiration, by watching a certain chubby cartoon show. :D

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Ya never know, this could become a cart, but before I start dreaming again.


On a serious note.

I am not making fun of overweight people.

I am overweight myself.

I just made this, because it was a "vision" I had.

I just made this for fun, and I hope I didn't offend anyone.


Thank you.

James Francis



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Ok. What color should I make Freddie?

Or the marshmallow Mob?

I would love to change the colors, but I dont know how really.

Also I would love to change the music.

Oh well.

Freddy, would look cool, maybe white,

Any help would be appreciated.

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Make Freddie Blue.


Your exploding guts are making me ill. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :P


Occasionally, I am getting a yellow line below Freddie when he is walking vertically, the line is one pixel high and a few across and appears about one "Freddie-length" beneath the Freddie Sprite. Could this be a little Freddie poo he is leaving behind??? :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :P




Coming along nicely. :)

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You could add a blank line (or partial blank line) to the underside of his head when moving downward...that will differentiate that sprite from the upwards-moving one ;)



Hey hey hey, what's doing ya all?


Hey I said hey hey hey. Man, whatta matter with



Man Fat Abbott, you need to shut up.


Man Jimmy, you're like Summer in the Winter.


Summer in the Winter?


Yeah bitch, open your f..... ears you f..... bitch. I'll bitch you out you mother f.....


Hey Fat Abbott.


Yo bitch, get your bitchen' ass off my lawn!


Since when the hell is this your lawn?


It is now bitch, now get the...
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Found the color tables...


2a46 |XXXX  X |

2a47 | XXX X  |

2a48 | X X X  |

2a49 |   X X  |

2a4a | X   X  |

2a4b |  XX XX |

2a4c |XX    X |

2a4d |XXXX XX |

2a4e | XXXX   |

2a4f | X XX   |

2a50 |   XX   |

2a51 | X  X   |

2a52 |  XXX X |

2a53 |XX   XX |

2a54 |   XXX  |

2a55 |   XXX  |

2a56 |   XXX  |

2a57 |   XXX  |

2a58 |   XXX  |

2a59 |   XXX  |

2a5a |   XXX  |

2a5b |   XXX  |

2a5c |   XXX  |

2a5d |   XXX  |

2a5e |   XXX  |

2a5f |   XXX  |

2a60 |   X XX |

2a61 |XX  X   |

2a62 |  X  XX |

2a63 | X   X  |

2a64 |    X   |

2a65 |XX XX X |

2a66 |  X X   |

2a67 |   XXX  |

2a68 |   XXX  |

2a69 |   XXX  |

2a6a |   XXX  |

2a6b |   XXX  |

2a6c |   XXX  |

2a6d |   XXX  |

2a6e |  XX    |

2a6f |  X  XX |

2a70 | X   X  |

2a71 | XX  XX |

2a72 |XX  X   |

2a73 |  X X   |


2a46 to 2a4c are the maze color (normal)


2a4d to 2a53 is the maze flash color


2a54 to 2a5f and 2a67 to 2a6d appear to be the player color. An interesting thing is that you can have seperate colors for each direction and each animation frame. Experiment a bit and you'll find which does which.


2a60 to 2a67 are the bonus object color (in the maze)


2a70 to 2a73 are the monster colors




A bit further down...

335f |   X XX |

3360 |XX  X   |

3361 |  X  XX |

3362 | X   X  |

3363 |    X   |

3364 |XX XX X |

3365 |  X X   |

There's the color for the bonus object (lower corner)




So just pick around at those for awhile...and be sure to make a backup before you save! (just in case one of these values is used for something critical).

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I have changed the maze colors.

Ghost colors(some cool ones too).

I have decided on a pink-ish skin color for Freddie.

I have the light blue one, but the pink-ish looks better.

expect update tomorrow.

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I'm not sure...but it looks like these are the colors for the Freddies in the corner...


3d69 |        |

3d6a |   XX   |

3d6b |   XX   |

3d6c |   XX   |


Slightly different shade from the player in the maze.


Still haven't found the score color...

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