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Need a Monster


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Those are super COOL!!!!!!!!!!


Hey neo, Freddie is 8x11, LOL

That would make a scary thing anyway.



But if you can get someone with Distella, or have it, you can find the color charts, and use hack-o-matic 2.

Nukey is the man. He is great with that.

He helped me with my Fat Freddie.

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Heh. One project I'm thinking of (no promises when if ever I'll get to it) is an online game maker editor -- starting with a simple gunfight like core, then letting people create their own sprites, backgrounds, title screen, etc, then autogenerating a downloadable binary, and maybe even trying to set something up with Al, a "buy it now!" button that'll get a physical cart sent to you... anyway, looks like someone here could make good use of that :-)

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in general colors are difficult...it's just one more thing that the atari has to change on the fly, so there's almost no time.


And even when there is time, you can usually only change the color on a per scanline basis. To get two-tone effects like on some of the ones here you'd have to use both sprites as one. Or start flickering or something.

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@Neo, Looks like you asked the right questions and received some cool answers!


@Lost Child, those graphics are awesome!


@Kisreal, Please for the love of god, say it is so. To have the online editor! the potential for us mac users would increase times 10! I hope you persue those ideas. I would love to mess with it! Cheers 8)

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