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Mystical Wizard


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LOL, so much for my leave.


Ok, this is a Berzerk hack, but some may like it.

Faratu, the evil wizard, has you imprisioned in his catacombs.

Can you escape his wrath, while avoiding his loyal minion wizards?


Basically this is done, but I may tweak it more.

I changed the bots and Otto.

Changed the mazes a little too.



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I asked Albert, to lock up the

Message From Out_of_Gas post.

I am here to stay, until Albert , or the other Moderators ban me.


I also want to give a hand to the staff here. They do more than read the posts. They do more than I will ever know.

So thumbs up to the staff, and the people that visit here, and post.


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last version, and I will put this to rest.

Got rid of pony tail, robe.

Went back to original running.

Changed shooting.

Made the enemy wizards walk like the hero.

No robe for them too.


Personally I prefer the pony tail and robe, but it makes the hero look kinda like a girl.


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