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HSC1 R7: Tapper!


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Shoots. I was practicing on the beginner level.


This is one game I have to turn the sound off on. I just cannot stand it.


I hope I last long enough to be able to get a decent score.


Strange considering I like the arcade version.

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This time I played the 2nd difficult level ("Mittel"). Cause I have a patched german version' date=' I think it means "arcade". If not forget this score.[/quote']


If you are using sio2pc you can use the english version attached to the first post of this thread. :)


After about 10 more games, here is my slightly improved score. Level 10 is tough :)





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It was very hard for me to pass the punks, there I got a lot of score, then with the aliens I stayed for a while, but I never beat them, they are too fast, however with the score, I got several free lifes.


actually that was my second tried, after that I played better, but I got less score because more quickly the levels, never ever I passed level 10.

then I got 170k, 80k, 60k, 50k all in level 10.



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Drat. I was hoping my score would hold.


I was like devwebcl. Started off with a good score' date=' but the better I got, the quicker I got thru the levels and the less points I would accumulate.[/quote']


Funy thing for me was the last game I played I got stuck on the Punk level - I couldnt finish the darn thing but my points went through the roof, finally got a break and cleared lvl 8 - lvl 9 went pretty quickly and then like everyone else lvl 10 shut down the bar :)

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