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7800 controllers


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Hey there Ben!


If the joypad leads are shot, all you need do is replace the lead. (This is what usually goes on the duff).


Any lead with 9-pin din male connector can be used if all required wires are present. You need all wires except #7. (Look into end of connector for tell tail sign of silver wipers to indicate which wires are present).


I like the Quickshot QS-130f joystick leads. Check compatible joysticks at S/H dealer or op shop. Peer down ends of leads to see!



I use modified 8-bit NES pads on our 2600 and 7800 consoles all the time. These are great IMHO.


The instructions to modify are on Atari-Age via:- 2600--->Archives--->FAQs--->NES to Atari 2600/7800 mod.


Or I have the file at



And, (Alex may be interested) I have done a picture file of the mod:-




Hope this helps you!


cheers ................ gp )

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Or you could buy them new here



or from here www.atari2600.com


and then there is this place http://www.4jays.com/atari7800.html


And then there is this place for which they will want your left nut for a item http://www.telegames.com/retail.htm


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